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You’ll desulphate one or more battery pack in the time that is same they have been linked in show.

Parallel associated with a 24 Volt BatteryMINDer

Batteries of the identical or various kind (motor beginning, deep cycle, sealed, gelled, AGM, maintenance-free) may be charged as well in parallel (+ to + and – to -).

You are keeping the total voltage the same when you connect the batteries in parallel. The total voltage of the combination is 24 volts for example, if you connect two 24 volt batteries in parallel.

Whenever you link numerous batteries in parallel, link the + for the very first battery pack to your + regarding the battery that is second.

Then connect the – regarding the first battery pack to the – of the battery that is second. The + for the very very first battery pack as well as the – associated with the first battery connect with the BatteryMINDer if at all possible; otherwise, connect with the available battery pack. (m√°s…)

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