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As part of this episode, John & Nikki debate the in das and outs of all the labels hinein non-monogamy polycules, relationship anarchy and swinging oh my!

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2 – The one you’ve been waiting for: John pops his poly cherry!

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This week we’re diving deep into two very big things. First, and Fruchtwein exciting, John finally had Liebesakt with J! We go into all the Feinheiten and find out how its different, how he feels after and how elektronische Datenverarbeitung affected Nikki. Then we talk about a fight we had after the fact. but its not about what you might guess!

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1 – We’re back from our holiday with lots of updates, reflections on met-amours and John’s poly Entscheidung

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We are so happy to be back! We have auf diese Weise much to catch up on this episode. We look back on all of Ur dating adventures, look forward to where we are heading hinein Ur relationship, dish all about Besprechung the meta-mours (and all the emotions that came withKlammer zu and John shares his poly new year’s resolution!

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13 – Ur 3 Month Retrospective – a very special episode

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We can’t believe we’ve opened our marriage for three whole months! Hinein this episode, we cover everything we’ve done right. everything we’d do differently and where we think we’re headed now. (más…)

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