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Why No Response Does Not Suggest Not Interested

Want it or perhaps not, life is product sales. Also i’d bet that almost every day you need to persuade, convince or find an agreement with another person if you aren’t anywhere near the sales department in your work.

A key product sales (and life) training is in fact this: simply because you don’t get a reply, that does not mean each other is not interested. Although all of us dislike the pushy sales person who applies to the difficult sell at our expense, I’d say most people are way too passive. The presumption often is: if people don’t react straight away or arrive at me personally, this means they aren’t enthusiastic about the things I have to give you.

I am able to consider countless examples where this type of problematic thinking plagues individuals:

  • The one who assumes no body desires to talk with him because he sits quietly in a large part during a celebration.
  • The one who believes that her offer is certainly not wanted since the email wasn’t responded to.
  • The one who thinks he is not desired at a meeting, because he didn’t receive an invite.
  • The person who seems the client is not interested because she did reply that is n’t the initial product sales message.

I do believe there are good reasons folks are biased towards being too passive ( more about that later), but I believe the consequence may be dangerous. (más…)

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