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My favourite bondage medium, while the one I recommend many to novices, is a couple of bondage cuffs with snap hooks.

So! While we’re in the subject of security, let’s talk about several fundamental safety precautions. To be able to quickly launch the bondage is essential, particularly for novices. Many individuals begin their bondage experiments with material they usually have lying all over household (we began with scarves). If you’re going to relax and play solamente, which many individuals do (myself included), it really is SUPER DUPER vital that you be capable of geting your self free efficiently. Because of this, i usually caution against making use of rope (or rope like items that have to be covered and tied up in knots) in solamente play, given that it’s the most challenging making it both safe and secure enough to be satisfying, and able to properly launch.

My bondage that is favourite medium as well as the one I recommend many to beginners, is a collection of bondage cuffs with snap hooks. We don’t suggest standard hand cuffs. Please, never ever ever ever utilize standard or handcuffs that are novelty bondage play! They are able to cause permanent neurological harm and so are perhaps not supposed to be utilized recreationally. Additionally, those small secrets are much too very easy to misplace. First got it? NO STANDARD HANDCUFFS.


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